Fulfillment & Shipping

Order Fulfillment

  • After placing an order, we'll email confirmation that we have received your order and will begin production. 
  • Each item is custom printed / embroidered / sublimated one-by-one.
  • Under non-holiday season conditions, we'll print and ship your order within 10 business days, usually much sooner. Delays sometimes arise from our distributors and their inventory gaps (i.e. they have an XL but are out of Medium), or the companies we use for embroidery and etching have delays. 
  • When we print the shipping label, you're emailed tracking codes. 

    If your item is out of stock at our suppliers, or if it will be delayed beyond what has been stated, we reserve the right to substitute products with similar composition based on availability and ship times.  If that is not possible, you'll be notified by email as soon as we know your options.

    Domestic Shipping

    We work with third-party providers PirateShip.com, EasyShip.com and ShipStation.com, as well as Shopify Shipping, USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx to find the right shipping option for each package. 

    As each package is the weight of its contents, inserts and packaging, these are our current shipping rates. 
    (A) Standard Shipping (0.0 lb - 0.99 lb): $8.00 ***

    (B) Standard Shipping (1.0 lb - 1.5 lb): $11.00 ***

    (C) Standard Shipping (1.6 lb - 2 lb): $13.00 ***

    (D) Standard Shipping (2.1 lb - 3.0 lb): $16.00 ***

    Free Domestic Shipping: purchase total is $100.00+

    International Shipping

    • We provide international shipping to most countries for between $20 and $90, depending on location and weight. 
    • If your country is not supported when you check out, we can likely still ship to you but it will require greater attention and cost. Email us to discuss: hello@interswag.com
    • Please note that packages may be delayed as they travel through customs offices around the world and could take up to six weeks to reach their final destinations.

    International customers are responsible for any additional duties, fees and taxes that result from foreign customs offices.